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Traffic Police e-Challan
This app shows you the status of e-challan'sif any are generated on your vehicle. You can also pay the pendingchallans through this app.Disclaimer: This app is just for informational purpose. We arenot responsible for any information displayed here. RespectiveState Police Department wholly owns the right of the informationdisplayed here.
MarineTraffic ship positions
MarineTraffic displays near real-timepositions of ships and yachts worldwide.Connected to the largest network of AIS receivers, the app coversmost major ports and shipping routes.• View VESSELS ON THE LIVE MAP, search for ships, boats andseaports and see what's near you!• More than 100,000 VESSELS PER DAY report their positions viaMarineTraffic AIS• View live wind and 48-hour WIND FORECASTS on the map• ANIMATED PLAYBACK of vessel's track• PORT ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES live for over 4,000 ports andmarinas, current conditions in ports and estimated time of arrivalfor the boats & ships.• Manage your list of vessels ("MY FLEET"), shared with all yourdevices and• Browse 1,5 MILLION PHOTOS of ships, harbors and lighthousesand much more!➜ NEW! Identify vessels around you at a glance with theAugmented Reality tool (in-app purchase)Just point your device's camera to the horizon and get all theinformation you need about the vessels in your area: name, flag,speed, distance from you and a lot more.Also, for MarineTraffic paying subscribers:• NAUTICAL CHARTS• SAT-AIS DATAJoin the great MarineTraffic community!** If you're only interested in a specific area, please confirmcoverage on before purchasing the app **
TaxiForSure book taxis, cabs
TaxiForSure is a travel experience providerthat helps you book a cab in the simplest way possible. Downloadour free app to get a safe, reliable cab, anywhere, anytime! Be itairport transfer or just an in-city ride, book a cab from yourTaxiForSure app with just a few taps. We make sure a taxi driven bya professional chauffeur arrives at your door on time. No morehaggling with rickshaws, no more waiting for your call to beanswered. Save time and money with our affordable rates and getquick access to thousands of cars driven by our friendly andinformed chauffeurs across India.All taxis can be requested for immediate or future pickups.Simply choose the taxi you like, instantly receive your driverdetails, track the taxi to your address, and pay after completionof the trip. You can view your travel history, modify or canceltrips, save your favorite locations and even go cashless with ourwallet options. Share the tracking link through SMS/ Whatsapp/Email and let your loved ones track you through your journey. Thein-trip SOS alert facility helps you notify emergency contacts andlocal authorities if required.Now the TaxiForSure App also allows you to book an Ola Micro,available at just Rs. 6/km. It also allows you to link and use youOla Money wallet for Micro rides booked on the TaxiForSure app.Advantages of Using the App:• Easy Booking Process• Wide range of car categories• Most affordable rates• Cashless travel with wallet• Airport transfers, City rides.• Save money and time• Trained chauffeursBooking a taxi has never been easier!
BusMaps Florianópolis
BusMaps is an app that shows information aboutthe bus lines of the city of Florianópolis. A map is used to showthe routes each lines does, and a table to show the departureschedules.You can like our page in Facebook! BusMaps you can:* Check the routes of each line in the city using a map.* See the departure schedules.* See an estimation about were each bus currently is.And it works offline! The departures updates are synchronizedwhen you are under a WiFi connection.The map data used in this app is provided by the OpenStreetMapproject, you can know more about it at
The myIowaDOT app has been developed to act as a container forother Iowa Department of Transportation apps. It shows allavailable Iowa Department of Transportation apps, even those appsthat are not currently installed on the device. If an app isselected that is not installed on the device, the user is taken tothat app in Google Play so the app can be installed. Once apps havebeen installed, the myIowaDOT app can be used as a launch pad forthose apps.The list of apps available on the myIowaDOT app is builtdynamically, so new apps will automatically appear in the myIowaDOTapp as they are developed. Users can also create a list of favoriteapps, personalized to meet their needs.Apps that are currently available with myIowaDOT include:Aviation - Contains an Iowa airport directory, aviation weather, anaviation calendar, and NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen)Bike Map - An interactive bike map with bike trail navigation anddriving directionsDL Docs – Helps determine which documents are needed in order toobtain an Iowa Real IDDrive Test – A practice test to help prepare for the Iowa driver'stestERL – The Department’s Electronic Reference Library, which containshighway & bridge construction specifications andstandardsFacebook – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s FacebookpageIowa 511 – Traveler information such as Iowa road conditions,traffic speeds, and traffic camerasLegis – Information about the Iowa Department of Transportation byIowa legislative districtmyMVD – Use this to renew your Iowa driver’s license, change youraddress, or see your driving recordTwitter – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Twitter feed
Application to access to information about schedules and arrivaltime at stops for Bizkaibus service.
Bencina Santiago
Bencina Santiago te muestra en un mapa donde se encuentran lasbencineras mas baratas de Santiago con posiblidad de filtrar porbencinera y tipo de bencina
Speed Tracker Free
Oxagile LLC
Speed Tracker is the most elegant and uniquecombination of GPS speedometer and Trip computer in just oneapplication. Speed Tracker is YOUR answer to the eternal questions:What is my speed? What distance have I covered? How much time did Ispend from work to home? How to share my trips with friends andrelatives? Whenever you are in the car, on the bike, on a boat oreven on a plane, Speed Tracker will help you to gather all thenecessary trip statistics. Just start the application and it willautomatically record your speed, time, distance and many more.SPEEDOMETERClassy analog speedometer dial with realistic look to complementyour car dashboard. Crisp and clear pixel perfect design isreadable in sunlight or during night time. The dial scale can beconfigured to suit different applications. Select the maximumpossible speed for you vehicle and watch your speed with greaterprecision either your are on a plane, train, car, bike, boat orbicycleTRIP COMPUTERTrack and display important trip information in real time. Current,Average and Maximum speed, heading, distance covered, moving andstopped time, altitude, location coordinates.MAPBuild-in GPS location tracker will help you not to get lost. Youcan always switch to map mode and check your current position onthe map together with the route you’ve already covered. The mapmode supports track up feature, where map is rotated in thedirection of your movement.Optimized for Tablets.Speed Tracker is the only speedometer app fully optimized for largetablet screens. Designed exclusively for tablet big screen it showsall the important trip information at a glance on a single screenand supports both portrait and landscape orientation. Full screenMap mode is also available. Landscape mode allows you to mount yourdevice horizontally on your car dashboard. If you prefer seeingthings at wider angle then you find landscape mode especiallyuseful and practical.HUDHead-up display – outstanding feature available ONLY in SpeedTracker application. Just enable HUD and put your phone under thewindshield. Specially designed HUD interface will display the mostaccurate speed right on the windshield. HUD can also be used as alarge digital speedometer, just double tap the screen to switchbetween mirrored and non-mirrored display.Cool additional feature, available via In App Purchase, is:TRIP LOGYou don’t remember the trip or how much time does it take to visityour friends or the distance to your office? - Trip Log will helpyou! Trip Log records and saves the information within theapplication. You can easily have the access to ALL the trips withjust one click. Inside the Trip Log you can check your trip on themap, speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, total time,etc. Want to share your driving experience or just compare yourevery day trips? With Trip Computer it’s easy as A, B, C. You canalso export all the trips in available formats (CSV, KML, GPX) oreven share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email.NOTE:GPS usage will dramatically reduce device battery life.GPS is not always accurate due to device hardware sensorlimitations.Data connection is required to use map.
Lviv Router
AVYS company
Application which helps you to plan a trip using the publictransportation in Lviv.Simply enter your departure and destination address and theapplication will choose the best routes available (direct or theones with the transfer required) and provide you with severaloptions.App supports search for names of important objects ("Main TrainStation", "Stadium Arena Lviv", "Opera House" etc). It also canfind routes that lie nearby on the adjacent streets.The app DOES NOT require access to the Internet.Application is available in English and Ukrainian.Note:Since the beginning of 2012 the situation with publictransportation is unstable in Lviv. We recommend you to follow theupdates of the app. Thus you will receive not only the latestinformation about the routes, but also an additionalfunctionality.Keywords: Lviv, Львів, transportation, 2012, public transport, bus,routes, search, transfer, marshrutka.
Speed Limiter
Nicolas C.
Tired of fines? Speed ​​limiter is there for you!Speed ​​Limiter is an application whose purpose is to warn youin case you drive too fast. It works thanks to the GPS on yourphone.Its simple and clear, you can use it without leaving theroad.The last button indicates the speed at which you drive. Byselecting, you dynamically create a new limitation.
Ce service est dédié aux propriétaires desvéhicules et aux conducteurs. Il permet la consultation desinfractions enregistrées sur le fichier national des permis deconduire et celui des véhicules. Pour cela l’utilisateur est tenude s’identifier moyennant son numéro de la carte nationaled’identité et le numéro du permis de conduire.This service is dedicatedto vehicle owners and drivers. It allows the consultation ofoffenses recorded on the national register of driving license andthe vehicle. For this the user is required to identify through itsnumber of national ID card and driving license number.
MBTA T Times
This app uses the official data feeds from theMBTA and presents the real-time schedule data in a convenientmap-based table. Includes Red, Green, Blue, and Orange lines.
מצלמות איילון
צפייה מצלמות תנועה של חברת נתיבי איילון בע"ממצלמות תנועה כבישי ישראלפותח על ידי ננוקום מערכות מתקדמות cameras Ayalon Highway Company Ltd.Israeli Roads Traffic CamerasNnokom developed by Advanced Systems
Any tablet can navigate with Bluetooth!BT GPS is an Android tablet app that receives GPS data viaBluetooth.It lets any tablet become navigator right now.☆The app is specifically designed for large phone andtablet.☆Turn on Bluetooth, GPS , Audio volume and launch map app in onetouch.☆Many tablet has been tested. This app is compatible with most ofthe CPU,for example, Allwinner A10/A13, Rockship RK3066,Amlogic AML8765...☆In a file /system/build.prop to change a line: gps.enable=falseon gps.enable=true if tablet's CPU is Amlogic, such as Aniol fire,W22 Pro.☆This app receives NMEA data from the other Android phone thatinstalled "GPS Share BT"( Android phone must support GPS and Bluetooth.☆This application can also receive NMEA data from an externalBluetooth GPS module, such as MOTO T805, Holux.☆Support three NMEA output format:GPS, Russian GLNOSS and ChineseBeidou (BD2).We welcome to get feedback from our customers. If you have anissue or suggestion,please send us an e-mail to [email protected] . or G+ me by
Total Traffic
Save time, save gas, save yourself from thehassles of traffic jams with Total Traffic -- right from your phoneor tablet.TOTAL TRAFFIC FEATURES:* Real-time traffic map* Extensive traffic camera network* 24/7 speed, accident, & construction coverage* Unmatched traffic detail with just a tap of the map* GPS integration for hands-free operationTotal Traffic offers its uniquely simple and powerful service inmore than 75 metropolitan areas across the United States.The Total Traffic Android app is simple to use, but packed withinformation:*** MORE THAN JUST RED/YELLOW/GREEN -- Total Traffic offersincredibly detailed speed information. You’ll know when traffic ismoving 25 miles per hour and when it's moving 40 miles perhour.*** CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED REPORTS ON ACCIDENTS, CONSTRUCTION, ANDTRAFFIC JAMS -- Our 24/7 coverage of road conditions comes fromhundreds of professional traffic reporters stationed instate-of-the art data centers across the United States.*** THE BEST TRAFFIC CAMERAS IN THE BUSINESS -- Total Trafficfeatures the most extensive network of real-time traffic camerasavailable. You can see actual traffic conditions along your routeright now.CITIES COVERED:Albany | Albuquerque | Allentown | Atlanta | Augusta | Austin |Baltimore | Baton Rouge | Birmingham | Boston | Boulder |Bridgeport | Buffalo | Cape Cod | Central Jersey | Charleston |Charlotte | Chattanooga | Chicago | Cincinnati | Cleveland |Colorado Springs | Columbia SC | Columbus | Dallas | Dayton |Denver | Des Moines | Detroit | Durham | Fairfield | Flint | FortWayne | Fresno | Ft. Myers | Gary | Grand Rapids | Greensboro |Greenville | Harrisburg | Hartford | Houston | Indianapolis |Inland Empire | Jacksonville | Kansas City | Lancaster | Las Vegas| Long Island | Los Angeles | Louisville | Madison | Manchester |Memphis | Miami | Milwaukee | Minneapolis-St. Paul | Nashua |Nashville | New Haven | New Orleans | New York | Norfolk | NorthJersey | Oklahoma City | Omaha | Orange County | Orlando |Philadelphia | Phoenix | Pittsburgh | Portland | Portsmouth |Providence | Pueblo | Raleigh | Richmond | Rochester | Sacramento |Salem | Salt Lake City | San Antonio | San Diego | San Francisco |Scranton | Seattle | Spokane | Springfield | St. Louis | Syracuse |Tacoma | Tampa | Toledo | Tucson | Tulsa | Washington, DC | WestPalm Beach | Westchester | Wichita | Wilkes-Barre | Winston-Salem |Worcester, and more!
Luceverde Regione Lazio
Luceverde Regione Lazio per traffico e viabilità in tempo realepresenta le info più complete grazie alla collaborazione fraRegione Lazio, ACI, Polizia Stradale e Polizie Municipali.Facile da usare, con tante opzioni per avere le ultime notiziesu eventi, traffico e trasporto pubblico nella tua regione, e conla possibilità di condividere via email con i tuoi amici leinformazioni che ritieni più interessanti.Ora è inoltre possibile inserire, in determinate posizioniscelte dall'utente, delle "sentinelle" della viabilità. Questafunzione permette la segnalazione da parte dell'App di eventitraffico nell'area circostante la posizione della sentinella.In questo modo è possibile essere sempre aggiornati in temporeale sulla situazione della viabilità nei dintorni delle posizioniscelte dall'utente.Con Luceverde Regione Lazio hai a disposizione:• news in tempo reale• mappa interattiva• notiziario audio dalla Centrale Operativa LuceverdeLuceverdeLazio Region for traffic and road conditions in real time presentsthe most comprehensive info through the collaboration of the LazioRegion, ACI, Traffic Police and Municipal Police.Easy to use, with many options to get the latest news on events,traffic and public transport in your region, and with the abilityto share via email with your friends information you deeminteresting.Now you can also put in certain positions chosen by the user,the "guardians" of the road. This function allows the reporting ofevents from the App traffic in the area surrounding the location ofthe sentinel.This way you can always be updated in real time on the trafficsituation in the surroundings of the positions chosen by theuser.With Luceverde Region Lazio have available:• news in real time• interactive map• news audio from the Central Office Luceverde
nextstop San Francisco
Nextstop provides an information service in real time for publictransport lines of the San Francisco Bay Area. Thecurrent timetable and information of departure times of allstations are at your hands in no time. Additionally, to allow abetter orientation, stations can be displayed on a road map. Forroute calculation, the departure and destination points can beeither stations or positions on the road map. Nextstop shows youyour route, from door to door including all footpaths. Withnextstop you get important information for your travel all the timeand always up to date.Start nextstop and see immediately the departures of surroundingstations!Features:* Automatically shows all public transit routes near you* Find departure times from stations* Find stations and get directions* Multimodal trip planner from door to door* Display stations in road map* Route including footpaths and taxi* Uses real-time predictions* Text message ticket generator (single / day ticket)* Network plan - including Nightliner* Traffic disruptions, maintenance and newsSupported Schedules: Ferry, Bus, Rail, Shuttles,...AC TransitCloverdale TransitCounty ConnectionDumbarton ExpressFairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST)Golden Gate TransitHealdsburg In-City Transit *Marin TransitMuni (San Francisco)Petaluma TransitRio Vista Delta BreezeSamTransSanta Clara VTASanta Rosa CityBusSolTransSonoma County TransitTri Delta TransitUnion City TransitVacaville City CoachVINE (Napa County)WestCATWheels (LAVTA)ACEBARTCapitol Corridor Intercity RailCaltrainMuni (San Francisco)Santa Clara VTAAngel Island/Tiburon FerryBlue & Gold FleetGolden Gate FerrySF Bay FerryHornblower Alcatraz Ferry
Busway Cambridge (Beta)
Halcien Labs
Timetable correct for 3rd December 2012 print** Important**:Currently only the Busway stops are covered. Inc Central Cambridge,rail station and Addenbrooke'sMore stops coming every day.Monday to Saturday only at the moment.More stops added:* Rail station* Addenbrooke's* Trumpington Park and Ride* Central CambridgePlease send support email from app if you have and queries.Thanks.Features:* busway time table for routes A & B (for Busway only)* large route icons to easily indicate route* no internet connection required to read timetable* tap time to see additional informationFeedback* if you are experiencing problems, please send me a supportemail from the app* Please rate the app in the market
Valet remembers where you park so you don'thave to. Set parking meter timers and street sweeping alarms. Neveragain get a parking ticket or forget where you parked your vehicle.** Now utilizing new Google Play Services location API's toenable our unique automatic parking sensor! **--- Reviews! --Lifehacker - - App of the Day - - -* Enable our parking sensor or use Bluetooth or Car Docks toautomatically set your parking location* Remember where you parked with our Find My Car feature and getturn by turn directions back to your vehicle* Save yourself a parking ticket with the built in parkingtimer* Set meter, time limits, and street sweeping reminders (by hour,daily, weekend, monthly)Also great for remembering the location of your bicycle,motorcycle, hotel, camping spot, or any other location you wouldlike to easily return to later. Popular to use in massive airportparking lots, at the mall, or when parking downtown. Tell the appto "park my car" and it does the rest!----------Promotional images available at http://valetapp.coDesign and Development by courtesy of*** ROOTED PHONE USERS ***Valet requires Google Play Services. If you rooted your phone andblocked or removed Google Play Services the app will not work. Ifyou email me I can help you fix things but the app will not bedesigned for devices that are not compatible with Google Play sincethe app is distributed on Google Play.
Locate Family
A whole new way to keep your family safe andsound.- Locate your family at any time- Set a flag for the positions, and you'll be notified if yourfamily leaves or arrives this place.
Neil Boyd
MySpeed will alert you when you're near aspeed camera.It can record your speed and location to a log file.What users are saying about MySpeed:"Tried all the free speed apps...this is the best!""One of few that run and warn in the background :)""Turning map is great :-)""Works GREAT, I use this to keep a log of my speed, helpful forfighting inaccurate speeding tickets."MySpeed is a free app supported by adverts.keywords:osm open street map gps tracking routing navigation poi speedcamera safety cameras traffic enforcement camera's speed trappolice radar speeding ticket speed limitpoiplaza scdb flitspaal pocketgpsworld maparadar adivorradardroid opensatnav radalert blitzer trapster flits alert
FREE TAXIMETER VERSION=======================================Main taximeter abilities:1. Creation of its own tariffs (any number)2. Calculation of orders in distance and timing (it’s possible acombine using with speed account)2. Creation of tables for meeting at airports and railwaystations3. Conversations recording in a cabin during taximeter using(activate in settings)4. Quick navigation start
하철이: 지하철 네비게이션
대한민국 전국 지하철 안내도우미“하철이"에 오신 것을 환영합니다.“하철이”는 이미 아이폰 사용자중 200만명 이상이 사용하고 있는 아이폰 필수 어플리케이션 이며,안드로이드에서도200만명 이상이 사용하고 있습니다.하철이는 안드로이드폰을 이용하여 현 위치에서 가까운 지하철역 찾기, 역별 시간표,출발역과 도착역을 기준으로빠른길찾기,역별 상세정보(화장실위치, 열리는 문방향,최소 환승열차칸 안내등)역주변 지도보기 등의 지하철이용에 필요한 모든정보를 하나의 통합된 화면에서 제공함으로써 사용자 편의성을 극대화 시킨 어플리케이션입니다.-요약설명 :"하철이" 어플리케이션은 3G 및 WiFi 환경이 아닌곳에서도 충분히 사용할 수 있도록 제작되어 데이터 통신료에 대한부담이 없습니다.제휴 메일 : [email protected]제휴 전화번호 : 0508-5096-5096제휴 상담 : 010-2743-2863Republic of Korea subwaynational guidance assistant Welcome to "The Subway"."The Subway" is the iPhone application that required more than200 million people are already using an iPhone user, using morethan 200 million people in Android.Subway is using Android phones to find the nearest metro stationclose to the current location, yeokbyeol timetable, departing andarrival station, based on the quickest way to find, yeokbyeoldetails (toilet position, opening the door direction, the minimumtransit train compartment and etc ...) View Station Map Byproviding all the information needed for underground use suchapplications in a single integrated screen which maximizes userconvenience.- Summary description:"The Subway" application is designed to be used fully to non 3G andWiFi environment, there is no charge for the data communicationfee.Affiliate mail: [email protected] Tel: 0508-5096-5096Alliance Consulting: 010-2743-2863
mParking Lietuva
Works in: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai,Panevėžys, Palanga & Trakai.New design and features:- Icon badge with active parking indication;- Automatic city detection;- Fixed Push notifications, pick one: 30min, 1h ar 2h;- Parking history (beta version);- APP is more stable and faster;- Off-Line (SMS generator, parking price and time);Only for Lithuanian mobile operators: Tele2, Omnitel irBitė.
Bangkok Buses
BANGKOK BUSES - YOUR ONE STOP INFORMATIONCENTER REGARDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN BANGKOK.An overview of buses in Bangkok, Thailand. It includes the busnumber, operating hours, type of bus (ordinary, air-conditioned orboth) and destination information.
Мобильный водитель
Мобильное приложение для водителей позволит не тратить драгоценноевремя на звонки в центр логистики. Вы сможете выбирать заказысамостоятельно прямо на экране мобильного телефона или планшета.The mobileapplication will allow drivers to avoid wasting precious time oncalls to the logistics center. You will be able to choose their ownorders directly on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.
Элит: Заказ Такси
Taxi Elite
Приложение «Элит: Заказ Такси» позволит вам вызвать такси беззвонка диспетчеру в любое время суток в городе Печора, Ухта,Сыктывкар, Вологда.Удобство вызова такси: вы можете ввести адрес своегоместоположения самостоятельно или отметить его на карте вашеготелефона. Приложение хранит историю вызовов, поэтому если вы частозаказываете такси по одному адресу, вам не придется вводить егозаново. Если вы захотите вызвать такси к ресторану, вам не нужнобудет искать его адрес: в базе данных приложения собраны адресавсех кафе, ресторанов и других общественных мест города.Дополнительные возможности приложения:— отслеживание маршрута машины— выбор времени и даты подачи машины— возможность оставить комментарии при вызове машиныAppendix"Elite: Taxi" will allow you to call a taxi without a call to thedispatcher at any time in Pechora, Ukhta, Syktyvkar, Vologda.Ease taxi: You can enter the address of your location yourselfor mark it on the map of your phone. The application stores thecall history, so if you frequently order a taxi at the sameaddress, you will not have to enter it again. If you want to call ataxi to the restaurant, you will not need to search for it Address:in the application database contains addresses of all the cafes,restaurants and other public places in the city.Additional features of the application:- Tracing the route of the machine- The timing and date of filing of the machine- The ability to leave comments when you call the machine